Financial analysis (also referred to as financial statement analysis or accounting analysis or Analysis of finance) refers to an assessment of the viability, stability and profitability of a business, sub-business or project. Financial analysis may determine if a business will:

Continue or discontinue its main operation or part of its business;

Make or purchase certain materials in the manufacture of its product;

Acquire or rent/lease certain machineries and equipment in the production of its goods;

Issue stocks or negotiate for a bank loan to increase its working capital;

Make decisions regarding investing or lending capital;

Make other decisions that allow management to make an informed selection on various alternatives in the conduct of
its business.

Uses of Financial Analytics

Financial analytics helps a business to

Understand the performance of an organization

Measure and manage the value of tangible and intangible assets of an organization

Manage the investments of the company

Forecast the variations in the market

Increase the functionalities of information systems

Improve the business processes and profits

Course Curriculum

Overview of Financial Analysis 00:00:00
The Financial Statements 00:00:00
Accounting Issues Impacting the Financials 00:00:00
The Interpretation of Financial Statements 00:00:00
Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis 00:00:00
Pricing Decisions 00:00:00
Cost Object Analysis 00:00:00
Constraint Analysis 00:00:00
Credit Decisions 00:00:00
Financing Choices 00:00:00
Financial Leverage 00:00:00
Capital Structure Analysis 00:00:00
Dividend Analysis 00:00:00
Foreign Exchange Risk Analysis 00:00:00
Interest Rate Risk Analysis 00:00:00
Financial Forecasting 00:00:00
Managing the Rate of Growth 00:00:00
The Cost of Capital 00:00:00
Discounted Cash Flow Techniques 00:00:00
Capital Budgeting 00:00:00
The Lease or Buy Decision 00:00:00
Acquisition Valuation 00:00:00
The Enhancement of Shareholder Value 00:00:00
Course Features
Courses Duration: 40hrs(Each paper)
Trainer: Microsoft certified trainer(Real-time)
Exam: Pearson Vue Exam test center
Course Material: Digital Microsoft courseware(DMOC)
Certification: 120+ Certification.
Batch Strength: 5-10(limited)
1. Conducting Workshops on collages and Corporates
2. Real-time Practical Guidance
3. Both On-premises and Off-Premises
1. Updated versions of the Systems and software are provided
2. Mini Projects will be provided by the trainer
3. Evaluated by MCT's
4. MCT's will help in Your Real-time projects
1. Direct Microsoft Curriculum material(DMOC)
2. Lifetime validity
1. Authorized Pearson Vue test center partner
2. More than 120+ Certification
3. Certification Assistance provided with proper guidance
1. Itbms itself a Staffing and recruitment company
2. Students resumes are shortlisted and moved to Mnc's
3. A good number of students are placed with a high package
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