MS Share point 2016

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SharePoint Server is provided to organizations that seek greater control over SharePoint's behavior or design. This product is installed on the customer's IT infrastructure. It receives less frequent updates, but has access to a wider set of features and customization capabilities. There are three editions of SharePoint Server: Standard, Enterprise, and Foundation (free) which was discontinued in 2016.These servers may be provisioned as normal virtual/cloud servers, or as hosted services.

Microsoft SharePoint Admin 2016

Course 20339-1A: Planning and Administering SharePoint 2016

                                                                                                    Duration: 40 hours

       Introducing SharePoint 2016
       Designing an information architecture
       Designing a logical architecture
       Designing a Physical Architecture
       Installing and configuring SharePoint 2016
       Creating Web Applications and Site Collections
       Planning and Configuring Service Applications
       Managing users and permissions, and securing content
       Configuring authentication for SharePoint 2016
       Securing a SharePoint 2016 deployment
       Managing Taxonomy
       Configuring User Profiles
       Configuring Enterprise Search
       Monitoring and maintaining a SharePoint 2016 environment

Course 20339-2A: Advanced Technologies of SharePoint 2016

                                                                                                    Duration: 40 hours

       Introduction to SharePoint 2016
       Introduction to hybrid scenarios for SharePoint 2016
       Designing business continuity management strategies
       Planning and implementing Business Connectivity Services and Secure Store Service
       Configuring productivity services for a SharePoint 2016 deployment
       Managing solutions in Microsoft SharePoint 2016
       Connecting people
       Planning and configuring web content management
       Planning and configuring Enterprise Content Management
       Planning and configuring business intelligence solutions
       Planning and configuring productivity and collaboration
       Upgrading and migrating to SharePoint 2016


       Exam 70339: Planning and Administering SharePoint 2016


Disclaimer: Course content, version and duration are subject to change without notice as a part of constant upgrade of the product by MICROSOFT TRAINING.