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This overview intended to provide a quick, comprehensive view of Microsoft Training and Certification landscape, and covers all of the training requisites and upgrade path that lead modern Certifications. It helps you to fulfill your training and certification goals.


  • ITBMS is an Educational Silver Learning Partner of Microsoft.

  • As a qualified trainer or qualified MCT to deliver all public, open enrollment and private, limited enrollment Courses. For clarification purposes, only MCTs can deliver Courses using Official Microsoft Learning Products (OMLP).

  • ITBMS can Purchase OMLP and Course Materials using the MSPP Partner ID and these Course materials are provided to our Clients.

  • An individual who is currently certified as a Microsoft Certified Trainer under the Microsoft Certification Program who has the instructional skills and technical qualifications to deliver OMLP courses and other training to IT professionals and developers.

  • Microsoft technical training courses, workshops, clinics, and seminars in print and online formats used by MCTs to educate individuals on Microsoft technologies and/or to prepare for Microsoft Certification.

  • Open enrollment classes offered and delivered to the general public in a classroom mode.

  • Training classes taught for Corporate Customers to teach a predefined learning objective.

  • ITBMS Trainers will meet the requirements listed in a particular Course in order to teach that Course.