Microsoft faq



Q1.On Completion of Microsoft training, do I get any other certificate from your end apart from the Global certification?

Yes, upon completion of course we provide you the Microsoft Course Completion Certificate.

Q2.Do you provide any other training apart from Microsoft?

Yes, we do provide training in Networking, Analytics, Mobile App Development etc.,

Q3.Is there any Pre-requisite to enroll for Microsoft training?

Yes, but it is purely based on the course you choose. For more information kindly contact our helpdesk.
Q4.What is the procedure to Enroll for the training?

Please visit our center directly, or leave a message by filling the online enquiry form in our website.
Q5.What will be the duration of the training?

The training period will be based on the program you choose. However the duration will be anything between 40 to 80 at an average.
Q6.If I fail to attend a class, would it be possible to reschedule the same for some other time?

Yes with prior intimation and the availability of the instructor, however if we have couple students studying in one batch then we also need to get the consent from others.
Q7.Do you accept Card Payments?

Yes, we do. Payments can be made by Cheque, NEFT, Credit or Debit Cards with applicable charges.